Getting Around the QUERY

In Writer Challenges on September 17, 2009 at 5:45 am

  As a writer it’s helpful to know what you’re struggling with so you can make the extra effort to eliminate the chink in the armor.  For me it’s querying.

  The query has so much added pressure.  You have to first seriously dissect at least a few recent copies of the publication to ensure that you can demonstrate that you are familiar with them, avoid duplicating an idea that they just ran (which would also be a monumental waste of your time), and match he tone of the publication.  Then you have to squeeze all this information about your idea, how you plan to execute it, why it fits their publication, and why you’re the one to write it on one little sheet of paper and make it stand out.  I hate it.

 Although it is something all writers will have t do at some point in their career, there are some ways you can avoid it – all in the interest of time.  In my case studying multiple copies of a publication to appropriately match the tone is very time consuming.  But I still need clips.  Not only do I need clips I would like to get my writing out there sooner rather than later.  So if you’re like me, what do you do?

  Call a few publications, preferably free local papers, and ask if they accept unsolicited manuscripts.  If they do you can just skip the query and send the complete article to the publication.  You still have to study the publication and make sure you match the tone and don’t duplicate ideas, but at least you can skip right to the article.

  Getting a few clips by submitting articles to sites like Ezine Articles or Ehow will help your query/manuscript look a little more appealing.  Editors seem to like experience.  This sucks for new writers, but we just have to deal.

  But in the end, the truth is – I have to get over it.  And if you have an aversion to queries too, then so do you.  This is just meant to help you get some clips in the mean time while you tackle your fears of queries, since clips are the name of the game.

  1. That’s some great advice. I’ll have to come back again to read some of your other articles

  2. Ooooh! Such a fun place to visit with so much information – love the blog and topic!


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