Phase 2 Step 1

In Step-by-Step on November 5, 2009 at 1:58 am

This is the fourth installment of my step-by-step series, designed to outline the steps involved in breaking into freelancing.  This is the method I used, and may not work for everybody in this order.  But if you ask me, all of these steps need to be addressed – the order is up to you.

Phase 1 was the research phase.  In 3 steps I suggested that you research freelancing to figure out if it’s for you, research your interests find some viable topics to write about, and research some different publications that you might like to write for.

At this point you have a good idea of how the freelancing/writing industry works from all your research.  You have a pretty good grasp on your interests and what you’d like to write about, you know the audience that ould most relate to your work, and you know the publications that you’d be a good fit to write for.  But here’s the rub – you have 0 clips.

Get Writing

I know the name of the game is “Pitch, pitch, pitch!”.  But if you’re like me when I first started not so long ago you haven’t written anything formal in months or years.  Rusty would be an understatement.  Some may disagree, but I’d suggest you ride with the training wheels on a while.  That means maybe starting a blog, maybe submit some articles to small sites for free.  More good practice would be submitting to sites like Ehow, Ezinearticles, InfoBarrel, etc.

The goal here is to practice, build confidence, and perhaps get some good writing samples to use in lieu of clips.

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