Making Sense of the “Hat Game”

In Writer Challenges on November 9, 2009 at 8:53 pm

One of the things I did recently to help mainstream my workload was organize my writing tasks.  In a previous post I discussed creating a business plan for your writing.  I took another look my my business plan and broke it down into my roles as a writer:

  • Author
  • Journalist
  • Blogger
  • Residual Queen
  • Mommy Writers Founder
  • Editor
  • Miscellaneous

I decided for me it’s most important that I work a little on my book and whatever queries or writing assignments I have at the moment every day. 

  • Sunday: put on “Author Hat” for 2hrs
  • Monday: put on “Journalist Hat” for 2hrs
  • Tuesday: put on “Blogger Hat” for 1hr, “Author Hat” for 30min, and “Journalist Hat” for 30min
  • etc….

How can you use this exercise in your writing career?  Examine your writing goals.  Maybe you only want to focus on writing books.  In your case you might break your workload down into marketing/promotion, writing the book, and working on your book proposal.  In this case it would be wise to spend time on the writing every day.  Perhaps 1hr on the book every day, 30min on the proposal and 30min on the marketing.

  1. Stopping by from SITS. I think I could really learn from you and would like to follow if I may.

  2. Hi Dominique, thanks for visiting my blog today. I wish you all the best in your quest for success! Good luck with your book, too. I only wish I would finally buckle down and try to do this myself :o)

  3. Hi and thanks for stopping by! You’ve got some great tips on here!!

  4. WOW! What an innovative approach! I get to read 3 entries at once on your home page!? Now THAT’s what I call multi-tasking!

    Best wishes!

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