At The Intersection of Motherhood & Writing

In Blogapalooza, Writing & Motherhood on August 17, 2010 at 2:11 pm

I am typing this post with my almost-2yr old on my lap, as I feed him a bowl a cereal, and keep him from spilling said bowl of cereal all over my keyboard.  This is just one intersection of writing and motherhood.

Another example has been the last two hours trying to get these posts written for Blogapalooza while dealing with the attention seeking antics of a toddler competing with the computer.  Or how about trying to decide how long I can go without changing his diaper before diaper rash starts to form because I am finally hitting my stride with a post?  And then there was that priceless moment about 15 minutes ago when I had to subdue him – he was throwing a massive tantrum when aforementioned antics weren’t pulling me away from the computer fast enough.

I’m sure many moms out there can relate.  But it’s dealing with those moments in stride that will ensure our success.  As opposed to being deflated by these moments – which will only ensure that your writing career remains stagnant.

As is the case with life, there are no perfect solutions.  There is no “right” way, just “right” for you and your family.  Maybe letting your little one sit in your lap while you type will appease him/her temporarily?  Maybe you can get him a toy laptop to “work” on while you write?

The only things that have worked consistently for my son and I are if I work in short bursts while he’s awake, taking breaks to play with him and entertain him in between, and get the bulk of my writing done while he’s asleep.  That’s it.  He’s not easily distracted, and while he can be fairly independent he hates seeing me at my computer.  But I have to learn to just take it in stride.

How do take the intersections of motherhood and writing in stride?

  1. I’m not a mother, so I can’t really relate. But I am a sister and there are times when my siblings are begging me to get off the computer.

    Glad to have found you through Blogapalooza! 🙂

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