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Phase 1 Step 2

In Step-by-Step on September 23, 2009 at 2:44 am

Last week I began a series I call Step-by-Step, with the post One step at a timeThis week I’ll be breaking down the steps even further, into steps and phases.  Phase 1 is the research phase. 

In step 1 I suggested thouroughly researching the freelance writing industry before deciding the take the plunge.  This week I’m talking about what comes next.

What will you write?

So you have decided that writing is right for you.  Now you have to decide what you will write.  This step may be easy for you if you have already begun writing.

For me it was a more enlightening experience than I expected.  I thought I knew what kind of writing I wanted to do.   Mama Writer by Christina Katz (also listed on my recommended reading page) has some excellent exercise for finding your interests, and “best bet” audiences.

First, try taking a good look at what you read.  Do you enjoy reading magazines, or mostly books?  What kind of magazines?  What kind of magazines?  List your top reads.  You may begin to see some patterns emerging.  There’s a good chance that this could be the type of writing you could be doing.

Next, examine your roles & pick your top 4.  Mine are Christian, wife, mother, writer.   Use your instincts with this exercise!  Now your going to draw a circle and divide it into 4 quarters labeled with your top 4 roles or “keywords”.  On this pie chart you’re going to descibe these keywords even more specifically.  For example, you may describe yourself as a creative mother.  or perhaps a theatre mom.

After you’ve completed these two exercises you should have a general idea of what kind of people you’d relate to best and thus what your best “target audiences” are.  Of course you don’t have to be married to this forever.  Interests change and people grow.  The point is to help you figure out where to start.  You want to begin where you’d be most comfortable, and where you have the best chances of success.