The Secret Weapon

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I often suggest that as an aspiring writer you seek the advice and wisdom of other writers.  I try to take my own advice, as such I have had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of some pearls of wisdom from other writers.  If I had to pick just one tip from all the advice I’ve gotten, there is one that stands out among the rest, and has resonated with me: Write often (more specifically – write daily).

Apparently that old cliche, “Practice makes perfect” has some truth to it.  Suzanne Reisman once told me in an interview “….one of my teachers said that writing is generative. The more you do it, the better you become. That is very true.”

I’m of the opinion that the best kind of daily writing is the kind that is actitvely moving toward your goals, i.e. writing query letter, blog posts, book proposals, etc.  But writing is writing, even if no one else reads it.  The idea is that you want to exercise those “writing muscles”. 

A good place I would recommend you start is Funds for Writers.  The resources offered here are garaunteed to give you plenty opportunities to get writing!  Writer’s Digest also offers an extensive list of writing prompts here.

Finally, the only thing better than writing daily is top have said writing critiqued frequently (and critiquing another writer’s work whenever possible is also good exercise).  By participating in communities for writers – online or in person – you’ll have many opportunities to exchange feedback.  Otherwise, just reaching out to writers via Twitter or email may yield some favorable results.

How often do you write?  And where do you get your best feedback?

  1. I heard recently that all art forms require 10,000 hours of practice. Yikes!

    I have found that I *need* classes. I need deadlines and feedback. I love the forum of the classes at MediaBistro, but I also love the focus on the literary quality of writing at Gotham. Basically, this means if I ever sell a book it will just be making up for all the money I spent on classes!!

    Right now I try to write six to ten pages a day on my book. I also blog more frequently, but I consider that to be a bit different.

  2. […] school assignments), and include at least a couple different genres of writing per week.  Go here for more on the importance of writing […]

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